Grosjean and Magnussen retained at Haas for 2018

Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen will be retained by the Haas F1 Team for 2018.


Confirmed today, Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen will be retained for the 2018 F1 Season at the American based Haas F1 Team.

Picture courtesy of Autosport

Entering F1 in 2016, Haas signed Grosjean alongside Esteban Gutierrez in their debut season. Grosjean scored all of Haas’s 29 points while Gutierrez struggled and was replaced by Magnussen for 2017.

Haas currently lie 7th in the Constructors Championship with 29 points, equalling the total of points scored last year. The team has had a steady start to the season with a best finish of 6th by Grosjean at the Austrian GP. The team also secured their first double points finish at the Monaco GP with Grosjean 8th and Magnussen 10th.

Hamilton wins and slashes Vettel’s advantage

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton wins the British GP for the 5th time ahead of teammate Valterri Bottas and Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen as both Ferrari’s suffer front-left punctures in the final laps.


Tyre choice

Valterri Bottas, Felipe Massa, Lance Stroll, Kevin Magnussen, Pascal Wehrlein and Marcus Ericsson will start on the Soft tyre with everyone else starting on the Supersoft tyre.


There’s more disappointment for Jolyon Palmer on the formation lap as the Brit stops on the Hanger straight before turn 15 with hydraulic issues. An extra formation lap is needed. The Drivers line-up on the grid and there is smoke coming from the rear brakes of Sebastian Vettel. The lights go out and Lewis Hamilton leads ahead of Kimi Raikkonen and now Max Verstappen who overtakes Vettel round the outside of turn 5 for 3rd.

There’s a driver off at turn 13. It’s Carlos Sainz. The Toro Rosso driver is out with teammate Daniil Kvyat looks to be involved with the incident. The Safety Car is called out at the end of lap 1. Kvyat is involved, both drivers ran side-by-side and contact was made. The Stewards are looking into the incident. Felipe Massa and Lance Stroll had a tough qualifying but both have made their way to 10th and 12th. Lap 5, the Safety Car comes in and racing continues with Valterri Bottas overtaking Esteban Ocon into turn 15 and up into 6th.

Lap 7, Valterri Bottas now overtakes Nico Hulkenberg for 5th into turn 15. Lap 10, Lewis Hamilton leads by 2.5 seconds to Kimi Raikkonen in 2nd who has a 4.6 second gap to Max Verstappen in 3rd. Daniil Kvyat has been given a drive-through penalty for rejoining the track unsafely. Lap 12, Daniel Ricciardo overtakes Fernando Alonso for 13th into turn 15. Lap 13, Verstappen holds off an attack from Sebastian Vettel through turns 15 to 17. Lap 19, Vettel pits from 4th, he goes onto the Soft tyre and rejoins in 6th. Lap 20, Red Bull react and Verstappen pits going onto the Soft tyre and rejoining behind Vettel. Lap 21, Hamilton sets the fastest lap of the race of a 1:132:286 with Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso both pitting and going onto the Soft tyre.

Lap 24, Sergio Perez and Romain Grosjean pit. Both go onto the Soft tyre. Lap 25, Kimi Raikkonen pits, going onto the Soft tyre and rejoining in 3rd. Lap 26, Lewis Hamilton pits from the lead onto the Soft tyre and rejoining in 1st. Lap 27, Raikkonen sets the fastest lap of a 1:31:903 as Stoffel Vandoorne pits for the Soft tyre, rejoining in 13th. Lap 32, Valterri Bottas pits, going onto the Supersoft tyre and rejoining in 4th from 2nd. Daniel Ricciardo also pits going onto the Soft tyre and rejoining in 9th. Fernando Alonso is reporting a loss of power, his race is over.

Lap 35, Daniel Ricciardo overtakes Sergio Perez into turn 6 and then Esteban Ocon into turn 15. Ricciardo is on a charge as he then overtakes Kevin Magnussen, who hasn’t stopped yet for 7th into turn 9. Lap 43, Valterri Bottas has caught up to Sebastian Vettel and has now overtaken the German into turn 15 and up into 3rd. Lap 44, Ricciardo now has Nico Hulkenberg in his sights as the gap is rapidly decreasing now down to 5.6 seconds. Lap 49, Kimi Raikkonen has a puncture! His front-left tyre has gone, Bottas jumps into 2nd. Ferrari pit Raikkonen with Red Bull also pitting Max Verstappen as a precaution. Disaster strikes again for Ferrari on lap 50 as Vettel now has a front-left puncture.

The Championship leader makes to back to the pits and rejoins in 7th. Lewis Hamilton wins the British GP ahead of Mercedes teammate Valterri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen. Daniel Ricciardo finishes 5th after starting 19th and is rewarded Driver of the Day by the fans of the sport. Lewis Hamilton also took the award for the fastest lap of a 1:30:621 on lap 48.

Race Result

1.Hamilton  2.Bottas  3.Raikkonen  4.Verstappen  5.Ricciardo  6.Hulkenberg  7.Vettel  8.Ocon  9.Perez  10.Massa  11.Vandoorne  12.Magnussen  13.Grosjean  14.Ericsson  15.Kvyat  16.Stroll  17.Wehrlein  DNF Alonso, Sainz and Palmer

Drivers Championship

  1. Sebastian Vettel 177pts
  2. Lewis Hamilton 176pts
  3. Valterri Bottas 154pts
  4. Daniel Ricciardo 117pts
  5. Kimi Raikkonen 98pts
  6. Max Verstappen 57pts
  7. Sergio Perez 52pts
  8. Esteban Ocon 43pts
  9. Carlos Sainz 29pts
  10. Nico Hulkenberg 26pts

Constructors Championship

  1. Mercedes 330pts
  2. Ferrari 275pts
  3. Red Bull 174pts
  4. Force India 95pts
  5. Williams 41pts
  6. Toro Rosso 33pts
  7. Haas 29pts
  8. Renault 26pts
  9. Sauber 5pts
  10. McLaren 2pts



Hamilton on Pole as Hulkenberg shines

Mercedes and home-favourite Lewis Hamilton takes pole position ahead of the Ferrari duo of Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel as Renault’s Nico Hulkenberg qualifies 6th.




Q1 starts with Max Verstappen out first on the Intermediate tyre. Esteban Ocon, Pascal Wehrlein and Lewis Hamilton head out on the Supersoft tyre. Surely, the track isn’t dry enough for the slicks? Verstappen completes his lap of a 1:43:166 as the Supersoft runners peel back into the pits to fit the Intermediate tyre. Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen are next on a 1:42:966 and a 1:46:208. Sebastian Vettel is next on a 1:44:059, no one is going than the drivers who set their times earlier.

A Red Bull has stopped. It’s Ricciardo! He has stopped at the inside of turn 8 with the Australian reporting an apparent turbo failure. The session is Red flagged until the marshals recover the Red Bull car. The session is restarted with 10 minutes and 7 seconds to go. The times fall as the rain stops with Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso pitting late to swap to the Supersoft tyre. It looks like Alonso will not make it before the chequered flag. He does and what a lap it is. He goes quickest on a 137.598. A McLaren Honda is on top at the end of Q1 ahead of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

Out: Ricciardo – 20th, Ericsson – 19th, Wehrlein – 18th, Magnussen – 17th and Stroll – 16th.


Q2 starts with Max Verstappen the first driver out on track and the first to set a lap time of a 1:33:917 on the Supersoft tyre. Valterri Bottas is running the Soft tyre. Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton are next on a 1:32:186 and a 1:31:145. With 2 minutes to go, Fernando Alonso, Carlos Sainz, Sergio Perez, Jolyon Palmer and Felipe Massa are in the drop-zone.

Kimi Raikkonen, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton improve with a 1:28:992, 1:28:978 and a 1:27:893. Hamilton ends the session quickest ahead of Bottas and Vettel. Stoffel Vandoorne out-qualifies teammate Fernando Alonso as the Belgian scraps through to Q3.

Out: Massa – 15th, Sainz – 14th, Alonso – 13th, Kvyat – 12th and Palmer – 11th.


Q3 starts with Lewis Hamilton out first. Valterri Bottas, Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel set their first times on a 1:27:580, 1:27:231, 1:27:622 and a 1:27:430. Nico Hulkenberg’s first lap puts him 6th behind the Red Bull of Max Verstappen.

With 2 minutes and 10 seconds to go, the cars head out for their final laps. Bottas improves to a 1:27:376 with Hamilton improving to a 1:26:600. Raikkonen improves and jumps Vettel to 3rd on a 1:27:147.

Top 10: Grosjean – 10th, Vandoorne – 9th, Ocon – 8th, Perez – 7th, Hulkenberg – 6th, Verstappen – 5th, Bottas – 4th, Vettel – 3rd, Raikkonen – 2nd and Hamilton – 1st.

Qualifying Result

1.Hamilton  2.Raikkonen  3.Vettel  4.Verstappen  5.Hulkenberg  6.Perez  7.Ocon  8.Vandoorne  9.Bottas*  10.Grosjean  11.Palmer  12.Kvyat  13.Sainz  14.Massa  15.Stroll  16.Magnussen  17.Wehrlein  18.Ericsson  19.Ricciardo*  20.Alonso*

Bottas* and Ricciardo* each had a 5 place grid drop for a gearbox change while Alonso* received a 30 place grid drop after McLaren changed various pieces of the Honda power-unit.


British GP Preview

The revamped Grand Prix Preview returns ahead of the F1 2017 British GP. Mercedes Valterri Bottas took victory last time out in Austria but who will win this weekend?


Track facts

  • First GP held: 1950
  • Lap record: 1:33.401, Mark Webber, 2013
  • Laps: 52
  • Circuit length: 5.891km
  • Race distance: 306.198km
  • Corners: 18
  • Tyre compounds available: Supersoft, Soft and Medium tyre

Drivers Championship – After Round 9

  1. Sebastian VettelFerrari – 171pts
  2. Lewis HamiltonMercedes – 151pts
  3. Valterri BottasMercedes – 136pts
  4. Daniel RicciardoRed Bull – 107pts
  5. Kimi RaikkonenFerrari – 83pts

Most Wins

Out of the current grid of drivers, Lewis Hamilton has managed to win on home turf 4 times back in 2008, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Fernando Alonso has 2 victories round here back in 2006 and 2011. Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel are on 1 win apiece with their first and only wins back in 2007 and 2009. Overall, Alain Prost and Jim Clark have  recorded the most amount of wins with 5 wins each.

Ferrari are the most successful constructor here with 15 wins overall and just 1 ahead of McLaren on 14. Williams haven’t had a win here since 1997 but sit 3rd on 10 wins. Mercedes are on a roll of wins, winning 2013 to 2016 while Red Bull sit on 3 wins.

Last Years Race (2016)

  • Pole position: Lewis Hamilton
  • Podium finishers: 1st – Lewis Hamilton, 2nd – Max Verstappen, 3rd – Nico Rosberg
  • Fastest lap: 1:35.548 – Nico Rosberg

Classic GP: 2008 British GP

McLaren’s Heikki Kovalanien took his first ever career pole position ahead of Red Bull’s Mark Webber and Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen. McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton started 4th while Ferrari’s Felipe Massa qualified 9th.

The wet start to the race saw Hamilton shoot past Raikkonen and Webber off the start line and level with Kovalainen before turn 1. Kovalainen kept the lead ahead of Hamilton and Raikkonen. Massa spun which saw him drop to the back of the field. Hamilton managed to get past his McLaren teammate and lead by lap 5. Hamilton and Raikkonen pitted at the same time with Raikkonen not taking new tyres just fuel. Hamilton took on fresh tyres and fuel and kept his advantage.

Most took on new tyres and fuel. Had Ferrari made a mistake? Yes, the rain continued with Raikkonen and Renault’s Fernando Alonso going around on worn tyres. Raikkonen had lost 17 second to Hamilton in only 4 laps and was overtaken by Kovalainen and BMW’s Nick Heidfeld. The rain got heavier and Honda’s Rubens Barrichello pitted for the wet tyre. The track got wetter and drivers couldn’t keep the car on the track with Massa and BMW’s Robert Kubica just a couple of drivers spinning off.

Hamilton still lead ahead of Heidfeld and Barrichello. Kovalainen spun letting Raikkonen and Alonso past. Hamilton won and over 1 minute ahead of Heidfeld and Barrichello to take his first win on home soil. Raikkonen and Kovalainen finished 4th and 5th while Webber finished 10th after starting 2nd. It was the first time since 2000 that a British driver won the British GP.

Hamilton’s win put him level with Massa and Raikkonen on 48 points each. Kubica meanwhile sat in 4th on 46 points, 10 points ahead of Heidfeld in 5th.





Bottas beats Vettel in close Austrian GP

Mercedes Valterri Bottas beats Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo to win the Austrian GP as Red Bull’s Max Verstappen fails to finish for the 5th time this season.


Qualifying Result

1.Bottas  2.Vettel  3.Raikkonen  4.Ricciardo  5.Verstappen  6.Grosjean  7.Perez  8.Hamilton*  9.Ocon  10.Sainz  11.Hulkenberg  12.Alonso  13.Vandoorne  14.Kvyat  15.Magnussen  16.Palmer  17.Massa  18.Stroll  19.Wehrlein  20.Ericsson

Hamilton* originally qualified 3rd but due to an unscheduled gearbox change he drops 5 places. He now start 8th.

Tyre choice

Lewis Hamilton, Nico Hulkenberg, Kevin Magnussen, Lance Stroll and Pascal Wehrlein will start on the Supersoft tyre with Jolyon Palmer and Felipe Massa starting on the Soft tyre. Everyone else will start on the Ultrasoft tyre.


The lights go out and Valterri Bottas gets a lightning start ahead of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen as Max Verstappen gets a horrible start dropping behind both Force India’s and Lewis Hamilton before turn 1. There’s contact at the back and it looks like a McLaren Honda is involved. It’s Verstappen and Fernando Alonso. Bottas still leads ahead of Vettel as Daniel Ricciardo overtakes Raikkonen for 3rd into turn 4. At the end of lap 1, Alonso pits and retires as Daniil Kvyat also pitting. Did he have any involvement between Alonso and Verstappen at the start.

The replay shows Max Verstappen getting a bad start and behind also Carlos Sainz as well getting a bad start. Daniil Kvyat overtakes his slow teammate and locks-up and hits the back of Fernando Alonso, who hits Verstappen. Both are out as race leader Valterri Bottas is under investigation for jumping the start of the race. Kvyat is also under investigation for causing a collision. Lap 7, Lewis Hamilton overtakes Sergio Perez into turn 3 and up into 6th place. It was a terrible showing from Williams in Qualifying but after an amazing start, Felipe Massa and Lance Stroll sit 9th and 10th after starting 17th and 18th.

Lap 8, Lewis Hamilton overtakes Romain Grosjean round the outside into turn 4 and up into 5th place. Lap 10, Daniil Kvyat has been given a drive-through penalty for causing a collision at the start of the race. Lap 15, Valterri Bottas still leads ahead of Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo, Kimi Raikkonen, Hamilton and Grosjean. Lap 22, Bottas sets the new fastest lap of the race of a 1:08:989. Lap 26, the Stewards have declared that there will be no more action against Bottas for jumping the start. Lap 30, bang, something has broken on Kevin Magnussen’s Haas car. Magnussen slows and it’s a gearbox issue. He crawls back to the pits and into retirement.

Lap 32, Lewis Hamilton pits and switches to the Ultrasoft tyre and rejoins in 5th. Hamilton was tucked up behind Kimi Raikkonen with the Brit trying the “undercut” on the Finn. Lap 34, Daniel Ricciardo pits. He switches to the Supersoft tyre and rejoins in 4th. Lap 35, Sebastian Vettel pits from 2nd and goes onto the Supersoft tyre. He rejoins in 3rd as Romain Grosjean pits on lap 37 rejoins in 8th on the Supersoft tyre. Lap 39, the only remaining McLaren in the race, Stoffel Vandoorne is under investigation for ignoring blue flags. Lap 41, Valterri Bottas pits from the lead. It’s a slow stop by Mercedes but where does he rejoin?

Valterri Bottas rejoins in 2nd behind Kimi Raikkonen who hasn’t pitted yet. Ferrari are hoping that Raikkonen holds up Bottas as Sebastian Vettel is only 3 seconds behind. Lap 44, Bottas overtakes Raikkonen round the outside of turn 4 and takes back the lead of the race. Raikkonen bails out and finally pits, going onto the Supersoft tyre and rejoining in 5th. The Stewards have given Stoffel Vandoorne a drive-through penalty for ignoring blue flags. Lap 46, Toro Rosso tell Carlos Sainz to drive back to the pits due to a suspected engine problem.

Lap 68, Sebastian Vettel is catching race leader Valterri Bottas as Lewis Hamilton is catching 3rd place Daniel Ricciardo. Lap 70, Hamilton has a pop at Ricciardo down into turn 4 but Ricciardo holds him off. Bottas keeps 1st by only half a second to win the Austrian GP ahead of Vettel and Ricciardo.

Race Result

1.Bottas  2.Vettel  3.Ricciardo  4.Hamilton  5.Raikkonen  6.Grosjean  7.Perez  8.Ocon  9.Massa  10.Ocon  11.Palmer  12.Vandoorne  13.Hulkenberg  14.Wehrlein  15.Ericsson  16.Kvyat  DNF Sainz, Magnussen, Alonso and Verstappen

Race Stats

  • Valterri Bottas took his second career pole on Saturday which was then followed by his 2nd career win. Bottas sits 3rd in the championship only 15 points behind teammate Lewis Hamilton and he was also awarded the “Driver of the Day” by the fans.
  • Red Bulls Daniel Ricciardo took his 25th career podium today with 3rd place. The Australian is now on a roll of 5 consecutive podium finishes dating back to the Spanish GP.
  • After a disappointing qualifying, both Williams cars of Felipe Massa and Lance Stroll started 17th and 18th but both were able to finish in the points in 9th and 10th.
  • Red Bulls Max Verstappen recorded his 5th retirement of the season, his 3rd retirement in a row. Due to this, the Dutchman lost 6th place in the championship to Force India’s Sergio Perez.

Drivers Championship

  1. Sebastian Vettel 171pts
  2. Lewis Hamilton 151pts
  3. Valterri Bottas 136pts
  4. Daniel Ricciardo 107pts
  5. Kimi Raikkonen 83pts
  6. Sergio Perez 50pts
  7. Max Verstappen 45pts
  8. Esteban Ocon 39pts
  9. Carlos Sainz 29pts
  10. Felipe Massa 22pts

Constructors Championship

  1. Mercedes 297pts
  2. Ferrari 254pts
  3. Red Bull 152pts
  4. Force India 89pts
  5. Williams 40pts
  6. Toro Rosso 33pts
  7. Haas 29pts
  8. Renault 18pts
  9. Sauber 5pts
  10. McLaren 2pts



F1 News Round-up #5

Here is some F1 News from over the past month including Robert Kubica testing an F1 car and the split between Monisha Kaltenborn and Sauber.


Robert Kubica tests F1 car for first time since 2011

Robert Kubica has driven a Formula 1 car for the first time since suffering career-changing injuries in a 2011 rallying accident. The 2008 Canadian GP winner covered 115 laps, equivalent to one and a half grand prix distances, in a 2012 Lotus E20 painted in current Renault colours. Renault organised the private test for the Pole as one of many tests that Kubica had done this year including Formula E.

Alonso warns McLaren about 2018 drive

Fernando Alonso has indicated he will leave McLaren-Honda at the end of the year if he does not see signs they can be competitive by September. “We have to win,” he said. “If we are winning before September, when I will make a decision, I will stay.” In a bid to keep Alonso for 2018, McLaren and Alonso entered the Indy 500 where Alonso drove superbly but an Honda engine failure halted his dream of winning this year.

France and Germany return as 2018 calendar revealed

The calendar for the 2018 Formula One World Championship has been approved for next season. The season will consist of 21 Grands Prix, equalling the record for the greatest number of races in a year. The German and French GP’s will return to the delight of fans and drivers. The season will start off in Australia on the 25th of March and end off in Abu Dhabi on the 25th of November.

Kaltenborn and Sauber part company

Monisha Kaltenborn has left her role as team principal and CEO at Sauber with immediate effect, the Swiss squad have confirmed. She became F1’s first female team principal, as well as a team shareholder, when she took over from founder Peter Sauber in October 2012. Sauber are currently ninth in the standings with 5 points.



Ricciardo wins thrilling race as McLaren scores points

Red Bulls Daniel Ricciardo wins a chaotic, exciting and breathtaking European GP ahead of Mercedes Valterri Bottas and Williams Lance Stroll as Fernando Alonso scores his and McLaren’s first points of the season.


Tyre choice

Romain Grosjean, Marcus Ericsson and Stoffel Vandoorne will start on the Soft tyre while everyone else will start on the Supersoft tyre.


The lights go out and every gets away well. Daniil Kvyat is caught out by how early Lance Stroll brakes and goes wide at turn 1. Kvyat rejoins the track just ahead of teammate Carlos Sainz. Sainz loses concentration and spins to avoid Kvyat. He rejoins at the back as Valterri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen clash at turn 2. The pair went into turn 2 side-by-side with Bottas on the inside and Raikkonen on the outside. Bottas took too much kerb and drifted into Raikkonen. Both have damage as Lewis Hamilton leads ahead of Sebastian Vettel, Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen.

Lap 2, Valterri Bottas has pitted for a new front wing and a set of the Soft tyres as Nico Hulkenberg has made his way up to 10th place after qualifying 13th. The incident between Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen is under investigation as Max Verstappen sets the fastest lap of the race of a 1:47:580 on lap 3. Lap 6, Lewis Hamilton has a 3.3 second gap to Sebastian Vettel who has a 2.1 second gap to Sergio Perez. Daniel Ricciardo and Stoffel Vandoorne pit on lap 6 with Ricciardo switching to the Soft tyre and Vandoorne to the Supersoft tyre.

The Stewards confirm that there will be no action between Valterri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen and also Daniil Kvyat and Carlos Sainz. Lap 8, Daniel Ricciardo is back down in 15th place after his pit-stop. He was dealing with an issue with his brakes but his team tell him that the problem is resolved. Jolyon Palmer’s miserable weekend continues as the Brit slows down and enters the pit-lane as engine failure looks to be the probable cause. Lap 10, Ricciardo overtakes Marcus Ericsson and Sainz into turn 1 and is now up to 13th place.

Lap 11, Daniil Kvyat has stopped at the exit of turn 12. Surely not, yes Max Verstappen has got an issue. He is slow and makes it makes to the pits on lap 13 as the Safety Car is called out. Most of the field pits expect for Lance Stroll and Nico Hulkenberg. Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Sergio Perez, Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe Massa, Esteban Ocon, Kevin Magnussen, Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz pit onto the Soft tyre. Hamilton still leads behind the Safety Car ahead of Vettel, Stroll, Perez, Raikkonen, Massa, Ocon and Hulkenberg. Stroll and Hulkenberg finally pit and rejoin in 7th and 8th place both on the Soft tyre.

Lap 15, the Stewards have allowed that lapped cars, including Valterri Bottas, can overtake and unlap themselves. Lap 17, the Safety Car comes and the Racing resumes. Sebastian Vettel holds onto 2nd place as he incurs an attack from Sergio Perez. The Safety Car is back due to debris from Kimi Raikkonen. The cars goes through the pit-lane as the marshals clear the debris. Lap 19, the Safety Car is coming in at the end of this lap. Lewis Hamilton becomes the effective leader and leads Vettel and Perez.

Lewis Hamilton makes his way through turn 15 and gets hit from behind! Sebastian Vettel has slammed into the back of the Brit. Vettel gets onto the radio and says that Hamilton “brake tested me.” Vettel instantly pulls alongside Hamilton and bumps tyres. The Safety Car comes in and the racing resumes with Hamilton getting a clean break from the cars behind as Vettel is swamped by Felipe Massa, Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon. Vettel stays ahead into turn 2 with Massa behind with Ocon on the inside of Perez trying to overtake. There’s contact! Ocon has hit Perez and Perez has lost a part of his front wing while Ocon also has damage. Lap 22, the Stewards has brought out the Red Flag due to the amount of debris on the track. The cars pull into the pits and stop in order at the end of the pit-lane.

Lewis Hamilton leads ahead of Sebastian Vettel, Felipe Massa, Lance Stroll and Daniel Ricciardo. The incident between Hamilton and Vettel is under investigation as Sergio Perez rejoins the race. Perez had a broken wishbone but due to the work of his mechanics, is back in the race. Racing resumes on lap 23 with Ricciardo overtaking Massa, Nico Hulkenberg and Lance Stroll for 3rd place into turn 1! This proves to be a crucial move for the Aussie. Lap 25, Kevin Magnussen overtakes Massa and Hulkenberg into turn 1 and up into 5th place. Hulkenberg loses concentration and clips the wall turn 7 breaking his right-front suspension. He is out and he makes it a double retirement for Renault. Massa looks like to have something wrong with his car and he retires the car on lap 26.

Lap 29, Lewis Hamilton seems to have a problem with his headrest as it is sticking up from it’s usual position. He tries to pull it down but it’s no use and he is told to pit so Mercedes can replace it. Hamilton pits on lap 31 as Sebastian Vettel has received a 10 second stop/go penalty for dangerous driving. The stewards refer to the incident with Hamilton when Vettel pulled alongside and bumped into him, that’s why Vettel has received the penalty. Hamilton rejoins with a new headrest in 9th place with teammate Valterri Bottas in 7th. Vettel pits at the end of lap 33 and takes his penalty.

After serving his penalty, Sebastian Vettel has jumped Lewis Hamilton as Daniel Ricciardo leads ahead of Lance Stroll. Lap 36, Vettel overtakes Fernando Alonso for 6th place into turn 2 with Hamilton overtaking Alonso before turn 3 and up into 7th place. Lap 40, Valterri Bottas overtakes Esteban Ocon into turn 1 and is up into 3rd place. Vettel and Hamilton are both successful in overtaking Ocon on laps 42 and 43 as Ricciardo still leads ahead of Stroll, Bottas and now Vettel and Hamilton.

Valterri Bottas has been catching Lance Stroll by more than 1 second a lap and is less than 1 second behind as they enter the final sector. Daniel Ricciardo wins but who will be second? It’s so close but Bottas manages to overtakes Stroll just before the finishing line and nabs 2nd. Stroll finishes 3rd and claims his first podium as Vettel beats Hamilton to 4th.

Race Result

1.Ricciardo  2.Bottas  3.Stroll  4.Vettel  5.Hamilton  6.Ocon  7.Magnussen  8.Sainz  9.Alonso  10.Wehrlein  11.Ericsson  12.Vandoorne  13.Grosjean  14.Raikkonen  DNF Perez, Massa, Hulkenberg, Verstappen, Kvyat and Palmer

Race stats

  • Red Bulls Daniel Ricciardo recorded his fifth career victory, and first since Malaysia last year. Ricciardo is now on a streak of four consecutive podium finishes, having finished third in the previous three races.
  • With third place, Lance Stroll became the 208th driver in history to score a world championship podium. The Canadian rookie recorded Williams’ first podium since, appropriately enough, last year’s Canadian Grand Prix when Valtteri Bottas was third. Stroll also won the fan-voted Driver of the Day award for the first time in his career.
  • Fernando Alonso finally scored his and McLaren’s first points of 2017 in 9th. In fact, Azerbaijan was the first race of the season where both McLarens were still running at the chequered flag, with Stoffel Vandoorne finishing 12th.

Drivers Championship

  1. Sebastian Vettel 152pts
  2. Lewis Hamilton 139pts
  3. Valterri Bottas 111pts
  4. Daniel Ricciardo 92pts
  5. Kimi Raikkonen 73pts
  6. Max Verstappen 45pts
  7. Sergio Perez 44pts
  8. Esteban Ocon 35pts
  9. Carlos Sainz 29pts
  10. Felipe Massa 20pts

Constructors Championship

  1. Mercedes 250pts
  2. Ferrari 226pts
  3. Red Bull 137pts
  4. Force India 79pts
  5. Williams 37pts
  6. Toro Rosso 33pts
  7. Haas 21pts
  8. Renault 18pts
  9. Sauber 5pts
  10. McLaren 2pts