2018 in Review

Here is the yearly review of what happened to myself and what happened to the blog over the course of 2018. I’d like to say a huge thank-you to everyone who visited the blog in and who made 2018 statistically the best year ever!


Blog Stats in 2018

  • Views: 803
  • Visitors: 469
  • Posts: 84
  • Views from Countries include: United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, New Zealand, Argentina, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, Netherlands, China, Malaysia, Germany, Mexico, Austria, Japan, Canada, Belgium, Brazil, France, Spain, Singapore, Morocco, Italy, Guatemala, India, Zimbabwe, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, San Marino, Hong Kong SAR China, Hungary, Bulgaria, Guernsey, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Russian, Sweden, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Romania, Colombia, Poland, Ukraine, Greece, Uruguay and Malta!

Blog overview

At the start of last year, I came up with a brief plan of what I wanted to achieve on the blog in 2018. My overall aim was to get around 800 views by around 500 visitors. As you can see above, the blog more or less achieved these aims. This makes 2018, statically, the best year ever which I am really pleased about. To be honest, I thought the blog wasn’t going to be able to reach these kind of numbers as I did not attend the Ignition Festival or Knockhill to see the BTCC (more about these later!). So to get the numbers that I did get, I’m really happy.

The following for the blog has grown as well with a good number of email subscribers and general subscribers.

I also upgraded the Blog on WordPress to a Personal Plan which allows me to manage the site better and make it more accessible. This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time and I’m glad that I’ve done it because as I think it’s improved the blog quite a bit.

The year as a whole

For myself, 2018 was an incredible year. Not only did the blog surpass my expectations, but myself as well. Well, I became the Head Boy at my school then two days before my 18th Birthday, I passed my Driving Test. As part of my birthday, my parents bought me a car so now I can proudly say that I am the owner of a 2007 Renault Twingo (the GT version to be precise).

To date, I produced 8 reports for Essaar GP covering mostly Formula One and a few on Formula E. From now on, I plan to cover Formula E for Essaar instead of doing both on the blog. So, starting from now, the blog will be now fully Formula One content. Here are the most recent reports I’ve done.

In 2018 I launched Rhonan’s Ragged Edge’s Facebook Page. This has gone down really well and if you haven’t visited it, follow the link here: https://www.facebook.com/rhonansf1blog/. This has been the most common way of people accessing the blog with 161 views from Facebook alone!

For those who are wondering, I am still collecting editions from the F1 Car Collector. I now have 20 cars and hope to add more. This post alone received 139 views! You can see my collection here: https://rhonansf1blog.com/2017/04/22/f1-car-collection/

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go to Knockhill to watch the British Touring Cars in action due to a clash with other events happening. The Ignition Festival of Motoring wasn’t held as the event organisers were “taking a year off”. Hopefully it’ll be back this year as I have enjoyed attending it over the past few years and it has been an event I look forward too.

The event that I was able to attend, because it’s practically on my door-step, was the Argyll Rally. Built on the success of the return of rallying in Argyll in 2017, the event along with the help of their title sponsor Dunoon Presents roared throughout the hills and valleys of Dunoon and the surrounding areas. I attended all day and was able to get really good pictures and videos. You can read the post here: https://rhonansf1blog.com/2018/06/24/argyll-rally-2018/ Video’s from the day can be found on the Facebook page.


Rally cars, old and new, sped through the forestry roads behind Dunoon on the 23rd of June 2018

What does 2019 hold?

For 2019, I hope to continue with the blog as per usual. I’ll be finishing school in June and applying to college afterwards. I am also planning to go Switzerland in June to watch the Formula E e-Prix and also attending the Argyll Rally when it returns. Fingers crossed that I am able to go to Knockhill this year to see the British Touring Cars and that the Ignition Festival is back on this year.

I plan to cover a lot more reports for Essaar this year, if I’ve got the time to do so, then I will. I plan to do a number of different things, motorsport, car, writing related. Overall, I really just want to do more and get out of my “comfort zone” and take the next step.

A MASSIVE thank-you to everyone who visited and read the blog over the course of 2018. It has been a pleasure to cover and report about F1 and can’t wait to do it all over again in 2019. Thank-you!


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