Di Grassi wins as Vergne’s points gap shrinks

Audi’s Lucas di Grassi wins the first motor-race in Switzerland since 1954 in an enthralling and decisive race with DS Virgin’s Sam Bird and Dragon’s Jerome d’Ambrosio rounding out the podium as Techeetah’s Jean-Eric Vergne finishes 10th after a late drive through penalty.


Qualifying Result

1.Evans  2.Lotterer  3.Bird  4.D’Ambrosio  5.Di Grassi  6.Buemi  7.Prost  8.Lopez 9.Abt  10.Rosenqvist  11.Piquet  12.Heidfeld  13.Mortara  14.Da Costa  15.Lynn 16.Sarrazin  17.Vergne  18.Engel  19.Filippi  20.Turvey


For the first time since 1954, motor-racing gets under way with Pole-sitter Mitch Evans leading the way ahead of Andre Lotterer and Sam Bird. Nelson Piquet has hit the back of Daniel Abt car with the rear wing of the Audi car missing. Lucas Di Grassi has moved up to 5th with Championship leader Jean-Eric Vergne now 16th.

With 4 laps gone, Evans leads by 1.5 seconds ahead of Lotterer, Bird, Di Grassi and Sebastian Buemi. Abt and Piquet have received a black flag with an orange disc meaning that they will have to pit because of damage sustained. Vergne has now moved up to 11th with Di Grassi now challenging Bird for 3rd. Lap 8, Edoardo Mortara is out as Vergne passes Nick Heidfeld on lap 9 for 10th. The Fanboost results are in with Abt, Di Grassi and Buemi will all receive a boost of energy in their second car.

Lap 13, Di Grassi has overtaken Bird for 3rd place at the final corner. Meanwhile, Felix Rosenqvist has overtaken Nico Prost for 8th with Vergne in 10th catching Prost down. Lap 16, Di Grassi overtakes Lotterer down into turn 1 with Bird now trying to overtake Lotterer. Vergne has overtaken Prost for 9th. Lap 17, Vergne now onto the back of Rosenqvist goes for the move down into turn 1. Rosenqvist tries to defend the place by going round the outside but goes into the barrier instead. Rosenqvist is able to get out of the barrier but his race is effectively over.

Lap 18, Down into turn 1, Di Grassi overtakes Evans for the lead of the race. Lap 19, Buemi overtakes Bird for 4th with Vergne overtaking D’Ambrosio for 7th. The Full-Course yellow is out due to debris on track. Every driver is in as they take advantage of the full-course yellow. Di Grassi still leads ahead of Evans, Lotterer, Buemi and Bird as a slow swap-over for Vergne means that he is now 9th instead of 7th.

Lap 30, Bird in 5th is defending from Jose-Maria Lopez in 6th. Evans, Lopez, Lotterer and Buemi have received a drive through penalty each for over-speeding under the full-course yellow. Amazing scenes here in Switzerland! As Evans and Lotterer come into the pit-lane to take their penalty, Championship leader, Jean-Eric Vergne has also been given a drive through penalty!

Lap 33, Di Grassi still leads ahead of Bird as Prost goes straight on at the final corner. Prost is out as Vergne takes his penalty. Vergne is now 12th, Evans 5th, Lotterer 4th and Lopez 8th. What a twist in this race. Lap 34, Vergne overtakes Maro Engel for 11th and now Oliver Turvey is next in 10th. Lap 36, Lopez lock-ups and runs wide at turn 1 going from 8th to 12th. Buemi has overtaken Evans for 5th with Heidfeld pressuring the pole-sitter for 6th. Lap 38, Heidfeld has overtaken Evans for 6th.

Lap 39, Lucas Di Grassi comes across the finish line to take his first win of the season ahead of Sam Bird with Jerome d’Ambrosio finishing in 3rd.

Race Result

1.Di Grassi  2.Bird  3.D’Ambrosio  4.Lotterer  5.Buemi  6.Heidfeld  7.Evans  8.Da Costa  9.Turvey  10.Vergne  11.Engel  12.Lopez  13.Abt  14.Sarrazin  15.Rosenqvist  16.Lynn  DNF Prost, Filippi, Piquet and Mortara

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