Rosenqvist inherits win after Abt disqualified

Mahindra’s Felix Rosenqvist inherits the win ahead of race-long leader Venturi’s Edoardo Mortara and Jaguar’s Mitch Evans as Daniel Abt is disqualified after post race inspections.


Qualifying Result

1.Rosenqvist  2.Mortara  3.Abt  4.Evans  5.Lynn  6.Da Costa  7.Vergne  8.Turvey  9.Filippi  10.Heidfeld  11.Piquet  12.Di Grassi 13.Bird*  14.Prost 15.Engel  16.Kobayashi  17.Lotterer  18.D’Ambrosio  19.Jani  20.Buemi

Bird* received a 10 place grid penalty (4th – 13th)


The drivers sit on the grid waiting to pull forward into their grid spots. The FIA declare that the start-line light sequence have failed. The FIA send the Safety Car to lead the drivers off the start-line round the first lap. The Safety Car pulls into the pits just before turn 9 with Felix Rosenqvist leading the field.

On the rundown to turn 1, Rosenqvist locks his rear tyres and spins. Now Edoardo Mortara, who completed his first Formula E race yesterday, leads. Rosenqvist drops down the field to 11th as Mortara leads ahead of Daniel Abt, Mitch Evans and Alex Lynn. Lap 3, After a poor qualifying, Sebastian Buemi qualified in 20th but is starting to make up places by overtaking Neel Jani for 18th.

Lap 4, Antonio Felix Da Costa overtakes Lynn for 4th as behind, yesterday’s winner, Sam Bird overtakes Nico Prost for 9th. Lap 5, Nick Heidfeld comes to a complete halt. The German gets going but drops down to last place. The Fanboost winners are revealed. Abt, Kamui Kobayashi and Luca Filippi will all get a boost of extra power in the 2nd car.

Lap 14, Lucas di Grassi, who also struggled in Qualifying, overtakes Prost for 10th. Lap 17, Mortara has been able to pull out a gap of around 2 second to Abt in 2nd meanwhile, Rosenqvist overtakes Oliver Turvey for 7th place.

Lap 23, Everyone pits to change into their second car except for Da Costa, Lynn and Di Grassi. Just as about he was about to pull into the pits, Di Grassi slows. He pulls into the pits along with the others. Lap 26, Di Grassi has dropped down to 17th as Da Costa had a long pit-stop and has fallen to 14th.

Lap 37, Mortara lead has decreased to around 2.6 seconds ahead of Abt while in the pit-stop phase, Rosenqvist was able to jump Evans or 3rd. Lap 43, the gap has decreased between the top 2. Mortara spins approaching tun 2. The Venturi driver does the same as Rosenqvist at the start and locks his rear tyres. He drops down to 3rd as Abt inherits the lead.

Abt takes his first ever Formula E win ahead of Rosenqvist and Mortara. Lynn, who was running 5th, drops to 9th after using too much energy.

Race Result

1.Rosenqvist  2.Mortara  3.Evans  4.Vergne  5.Bird  6.Turvey  7.Engel  8.Prost  9.Lynn  10.Buemi  11.Da Costa  12.Piquet  13.Lotterer  14.Di Grassi  15.d’Ambrosio  16.Heidfeld  17.Kobayashi  18.Jani  DSQ Abt  DNF Filippi

Abt* was disqualified from the race result after finding that his car’s components didn’t match up. Everyone therefore moves up a place promoting Rosenqvist to 1st.




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