2 Years of Blogging

As by the title suggests, it has been now 2 years to this date when I published my first post.


2016 in Review

2016 was a really good year for myself personally because of a couple of things. I completed my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award and I gained Journalism experience whilst doing the Exite program at School. It was also a great year for the blog as it gained 69 more visitors and views neared 400. From the whole of 2016, I published 95 posts. In terms of where views came, Facebook gave me the highest with 81 while Twitter gave me 34.

Also in 2016, I went to the Ignition Festival of Motoring and Knockhill to see the British Touring Cars in action. I thoroughly enjoyed both of these events and I am going back to both this year.

Most popular posts

  1. 2015 in Review 13 views
  2. Blog Information 12 views
  3. Nico Rosberg’s 2016 Chances 9 views

Where views came from

  1. United Kingdom 321 views
  2. United States 28 views
  3. Norway 11 views

2017 – Expansion, Growth and Continuation

January – May so far 2017 stats

  • Views: 163
  • Visitors: 80
  • Posts: 31
  • Views from Countries include: United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Spain, Japan, India, Russia, Portugal and Norway.

This year, I am concentrating on expanding and growing the blog. For Phase 1, I have introduced a Blog card which I designed myself. I will be starting a new series called “Hot Topics” in where I will do a feature length article about a current topic which is happening in F1 or in general motorsport which I find interesting. The first article will debut right after the Canadian GP.

Business Card #1

I will also be voicing my opinion/views a lot more often and I will be also be continuing the monthly segments of “F1 News”. I would also like to bring more content other than Formula One such as Formula E and the British Touring Car Championship. I like watching F2 (was known as GP2) as the racing is very good and you get to see the future f1 drivers and potentially champions battling it out.

For the 3rd Season of Formula E, I have been doing race reports on the blog and these have gone down very well. I have enjoyed writing these and I would like to keep this up.

The GP Previews will now appear ahead of a more classic/older race, rather than doing one every race weekend. Examples include: British, Italian and Belgium GPs.

Over the past few months, I have been constantly updating the “look” of the blog. On the right hand-side there is now a follow button, list of recent posts, a countdown to a F1/motorsport event, my recent tweets on Twitter, a collection of photos and a list of archives. I am really happy with the look of it now.

From April this year, I am now contributing to Essaar. I am now part of their F1 team. I am grateful for the opportunity and I have already done my first article for them. When the article goes onto the website, it will appear up on the blog.

In terms of Motorsport events, I am so exciting to be returning to the Ignition Festival of Motoring and the BTCC at Knockhill. Both of these will have posts on them with a lot of pictures. There is a local motorsport event called Argyll Rally happening at the end of this month which I will be going to.

I have also found out that the people who follow the blog by email and see the posts by myself, don’t translate into views and visitors. This means that, the stats aren’t quite right as there is people who read my posts from their email box. I encourage people who follow the blog by email to click on the link and go straight to the blog to read the post there. This doesn’t impact anything else and I would be grateful if people did this.

The feedback and support over the past 2 years have been incredible and a huge thanks to everyone who has visited and commented on the blog. Hopefully, 2017 will be the same and potentially even better! Thank You


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