2016 In Review

2016 has been a great year for me and also this blog, it has attracted more attention and encouragement from people that I ever imagined. I have loved writing about Formula One, Formula E and BTCC throughout the year and can’t wait to do the same again in 2017.


Blog Stats in 2016

  • Views: 388
  • Visitors: 217
  • Posts: 95
  • Views from Countries include: United Kingdom, United States, Norway, Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Pakistan, Indonesia, Italy, Finland, Saudi Arabia, India, Romania, South Africa, New Zealand, Hong Kong SAR China and Hungary!

Whole Year in review!

In the Christmas of 2015, I started my Bronze Duke Of Edinburgh Award and in the Christmas of 2016, I completed it! It took up a few weekends over the course of the year and made me miss a couple of races of F1. I had to catch up on these races and this wasn’t fun.


My Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze Award that I received in December. Next step, Silver?

As I am 4th year at school, it opened up the opportunity for me to take the “Exite” program as a subject for the whole year. It is a Work Based Vocational Learning programme. It includes a day per week working place in an industry of interest to the young person. As I want to be a Journalist, I chose my local newspaper and they have taken me on up until Easter. It has given me an insight into how a newspaper works and what it takes to be a Journalist. I am really enjoying it and I am gaining new skills in writing.


My first article in the Dunoon Observer.

These are just a few of the articles that I have done for the paper. I have also visited my local council, Argyll and Bute, in the communications department for an insight on how they work and I hope to be visiting again soon!

What does 2017 hold?

In 2017, I hope to be going to Knockhill again for the British Touring Car Championship and to the Ignition Festival of Motoring again. I hope to be going Karting a lot more and I will still be doing articles for the paper. I will be sitting Prelims late January which won’t effect the post on F1 as the season has not started yet.

Thank you for visiting and reading the blog and also all the support and feedback I have received over the course of 2016!

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