British Race Round 10

Lewis Hamilton wins wet-dry British grand prix ahead of Red Bulls Max Verstappen and Mercedes’s Nico Rosberg.

Safety Car start

Due to all the rain just before the start, the safety car will take the lead for a couple of laps with all the cars starting on the full wet tyres.


The safety car leads the field with Lewis Hamilton leading Nico Rosberg and Max Verstappen. Still behind the safety car on lap 3, Hamilton is talking on his radio to his team about switching to the Intermediate tyre and he is complaining that the safety car is going too slowly.  Lap 5, the safety car is in and many car pull into the pits and switching to the Intermediate tyre. Kimi Raikkonen, Carlos Sainz, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel are just who have pitted. Lap 6, Lewis Hamilton leads ahead of Nico Rosberg and Max Verstappen. Daniel Ricciardo, Felipe Massa and Daniil Kvyat pit for the Intermediate tyre. Manor’s Pascal Wehrlein is in the gravel at turn 1 and is out and brings out the Virtual safety car.

Lap 7, Hamilton, Rosberg, Verstappen and Sergio Perez pull into the pits and put on the Intermediate tyre just as the Virtual safety car ends. Lap 9, Hamilton leads ahead of Rosberg, Verstappen, Perez and Ricciardo. Lap 11, Valterri Bottas spins and drops down to 13th place. Lap 12, the dry line on the track is starting to appear and the dry tyre could be soon. Lap 16, Max Verstappen is only 1 second behind Nico Rosberg in 2nd. Sebastian Vettel ventures on the the Medium tyre and is the first one to do that.

Max Verstappen gets a great run and is up right behind Nico Rosberg and overtakes Rosberg through turns 13 and 14 and into 2nd place. Lap 17, Kimi Raikkonen now pits and goes onto the Medium tyre and so does Felipe Massa, Valterri Bottas, Romain Grosjean and Jolyon Palmer. At the end of lap 17, lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo, Nico Rosberg and others pit for the Medium tyre. Romain Grosjean is slowing and stops in sector 2. Lap 18, Sebastian Vettel spins and recovers as <Max Verstappen pits for the Medium tyre.

Lap 20, Jolyon Palmer has been given a 10 second stop and go penalty for an unsafe release. Lap 22, Daniel Ricciardo overtakes Nico Hulkenberg for 4th place. Lap 24, Fernando Alonso has spun and is in the gravel trap at turn 1. Rally mode engaged and he is out and back on the track. Lap 25, Carlos Sainz spins at turn 1 and keeps going. Lap 28, Lewis Hamilton has now gone too wide at turn 1 but rejoins comfortably in the lead.

Lap 34, Nico Rosberg is now right behind Max Verstappen and he wants 2nd place back from the Dutch. Lap 38, Rosberg overtakes Verstappen for 2nd place. Lap 41, Sebastian Vettel has been given a 5 second time penalty for forcing Felipe Massa off the track as Jolyon Palmer’s home race ends early as he is out. Lap 47, Rosberg has now got a gearbox issue and has been told by his engineer to avoid 7th gear, something engineer are not allowed to do! Lap 46, Kimi Raikkonen overtakes Sergio Perez for 5th place and sums up a miserable race for Ferrari. Lap 49, Nico Rosberg is under investigation by the stewards for the using radio restrictions which are not allowed.

Race result

1.Hamilton  2.Verstappen  3.Rosberg*  4.Ricciardo  5.Raikkonen  6.Perez  7.Hulkenberg  8.Sainz  9.Vettel*  10.Kvyat  11.Massa  12.Button  13.Alonso  14.Bottas  15.Nasr  16.Gutierrez  17.Magnussen  DNF Palmer, Haryanto, Grosjean, Ericsson and Wehrlein

Rosberg* had 10s added to his race time for receiving illegal assistance via team radio.

Vettel* had 5s added to his race time for forcing Massa off track.



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