British Qualifying Round 10

Home favourite Lewis Hamilton takes pole position ahead of team-mate Nico Rosberg and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen as Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel incurs another 5 place grid drop after a gearbox change.


Ferrari confirm Raikkonen for 2017

Ferrari yesterday have put all rumours to rest by resigning Kimi Raikkonen to partner Sebastian Vettel for 2017. Raikkonen, rejoined Ferrari in 2014 after returning to the sport in 2012. Raikkonen was then in 2014 outclassed by team-mate Fernando Alonso before Vettel joined in 2015. Many F1 pundits and fans stated and feared that 2016 would be Raikkonen’s last year. Should Ferrari have stayed with Raikkonen or gone with a younger driver?

Vettel’s rotten luck!

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel suffered another gearbox failure at the end of final practise today. This will be the second race in a row in which he has had to change his gearbox. The penalty will consist of a grid drop of 5 places.

Ericsson’s huge shunt

Sauber’s Marcus Ericsson lost control of his car and crashed exiting Stowe corner. Ericsson ran a tad wide and got his left-rear wheel on the exit kerb at around and in a moment his C35 was heading for a big impact with the tyre wall. Ericsson is unlikely to participate in Qualifying and is in hospital for precautionary medical checks.


Pascal Wehrlein is out first but its his team-mate of Rio Haryanto to set the opening pace of a 1:33:821. The stewards are clamping down on track limits and Jolyon Palmer is one of the first to get his time disallowed. With 5 minutes to go, Nico Rosberg leads ahead of Lewis Hamilton , Max Verstappen, Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel. With 2 minutes to go, Pascal Wehrlein, Felipe Nasr, Rio Haryanto, Kevin Magnussen and Jolyon Palmer are in the drop zone. Q1 ends with Rosberg quickest Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. McLaren Honda’s Jenson Button and Renault’s Jolyon Palmer are the two British drivers that are knocked out in Q1 with Lewis Hamilton the remaining Brit left in.

Out: Nasr – 21st, Wehrlein – 20th, Haryanto – 19th, Palmer – 18th and Button – 17th.


McLaren have said that they could not have put Jenson Button out on another run in Q1 because the rear en plate of his rear wing broke. Nico Rosberg is first out and sets a 1:29:970. Lewis Hamilton comes round and sets a new lap record round the track of a 1:29:243. Kimi Raikkonen spins in the final sector at turn 18 with 7 minutes to go and he has not completed a lap yet. With 1 minute to go, Raikkonen comes round and starts his first and final lap. It’s good enough to put him comfortably in the top 10. Lewis Hamilton is quickest ahead of Nico Rosberg and Max Verstappen.

Out: Magnussen – 16th, Kvyat – 15th, Gutierrez – 14th, Grosjean – 13th, Massa – 12th and Perez – 11th.


Nico Rosberg is again out first and sets a 1:29:606. Lewis Hamilton comes round and goes on pole with a  1:29:339 but it is short-lived and the FIA delete his time for Hamilton running all 4 wheels off track at turn 9. With 3 minutes and 30 seconds to go, Hamilton appears back out on track with a maximum of 2 laps to set a time good enough for pole. With 10 seconds to go, Hamilton comes round and sets a time of a 1:29:287 and pole is his.

Top 10: Alonso – 10th, Hulkenberg – 9th, Sainz – 8th, Bottas – 7th, Vettel – 6th, Raikkonen – 5th, Ricciardo – 4th.

Top 3: Verstappen – 3rd, Rosberg – 2nd and Hamilton 1st.

Qualifying Results

1.Hamilton  2.Rosberg  3.Verstappen  4.Ricciardo  5.Raikkonen  6.Bottas  7.Sainz  8.Hulkenberg  9.Alonso  10.Perez  11.Vettel*  12.Massa  13.Grosjean  14.Gutierrez  15.Kvyat  16.Magnussen  17.Button  18.Palmer  19.Haryanto  20.Wehrlein  21.Nasr  22.Ericsson*

Vettel* took the 5 place grid penalty after Qualifying and dropped from 6th – 11th.

Ericsson* has been given the all clear by doctors and will start from the pit lane. Ericsson has been given a new chassis and a new gearbox.




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