1 Year of F1 Blogging

As by the title, it has been a year to this date when I published my first post.


1 year of blogging, F1 and more!

Time has flown past in a whiz and that has witnessed some great racing. Not only from F1 but Formula e, British Touring Cars and GP2 all of which I watch.

I have learnt a lot by reporting back, commentating on the race weekends and developing my writing skill in my hopes of becoming a motorsport journalist.

Current situation

This year, I started my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award and that has taken quite a lot of time especially over the weekends where we had to train and complete the qualifications to get the award. This meant that I was racing to catch up with the whole GP weekend and rushing to get the posts out which wasn’t fun to do.

But now I have successfully completed the award and will have more time over the weekends to watch F1 and more! It means I can be more consistent with uploading posts and giving you the latest news in F1.

June – December 2015 stats

  • Views: 408
  • Visitors: 148
  • Posts: 53
  • Views from Countries include: United Kingdom, Switzerland, United States, Ireland and New Zealand.

January – June so far 2016 stats

  • Views: 145
  • Visitors: 74
  • Posts: 37
  • Views from Countries include: United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Hungary, India and Denmark.

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Thank You so much for the feedback and support!




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