Canada Round 7 Race

Read on as Mercedes’s Lewis Hamilton eases to his fourth Canadian win.

Lewis Hamilton wins with ease to the Canadian grand prix ahead of Nico Rosberg and Valterri Bottas.

Unlike in Qualifying, drivers managed their tyres to expectations. This meant some drivers did stop only once.

At the end of lap 1, Jenson Button took his drive through penalty. Lap 7 and Sebastian Vettel pitted having come through the field from 18th. On lap 26, Kimi Raikkonen came into the pits for a set of soft tyres. One lap later and he spun then came into the pits on lap 27. The spin for Raikkonen meant that Valterri Bottas was able to take third place. Lap 30 and Lewis Hamilton came into the pits for soft tyres. One lap later and Nico Rosberg came into the pits. Lap 36 and Sebastian Vettel came into the pits for a second time. On lap 43 and Vettel and Nico Hulkenberg touch, sending Hulkenberg into a spin. No further action was taken by the stewards. Lap 47 and Fernando Alonso retires from the race. Lap 58 and its double retirement for McLaren as Jenson Button retires. Lap 63 and Roberto Merhi retires for Manor. Hamilton wins.

1. Hamilton 2.Rosberg 3.Bottas 4.Raikkonen 5.Vettel 6.Massa 7.Maldonado 8.Hulkenberg 9.Kvyat 10.*Grosjean 11.Perez 12.Sainz 13.Ricciardo 14.Ericsson 15.Verstappen 16.Nasr 17.Stevens DNF Merhi, Alonso and Button.

*Romain Grosjean got a 5 second time penalty added on to his finishing time because of an incident with Will Stevens.

Overall a quite a dull race with “Lift and Coast” being the main talked about thing on the team radio. Its like “One step forward and two steps back” for McLaren with Alonso and Button retiring from the race. Pastor Maldonado for Lotus ended his pointless streak with 7th and 6 points.

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