Canada Round 7 Qualifying

Read on as Lewis Hamilton takes Pole Position round the circuit Gilles Villenuve.

Lewis Hamilton takes Pole Position ahead of Nico Rosberg and Kimi Raikkonen.

Despite rain in Practise 2, the sun was out in what an eventful qualifying planned out.

Q1 and a huge shock for Sebastian Vettel for Ferrari and Felipe Massa for Williams both out. Jenson Button did not get out of the garage for a lap with both Manor cars out as well.
Q2 and both Torro Rosso and Sauber cars were eliminated with Fernando Alonso out as well.
Q3 and Lewis Hamilton took pole ahead of Nico Rosberg. Kimi Raikkonen won the battle for third ahead of Valterri Bottas and the much improved Lotus cars of Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado.

Qualifying Result
1. Hamilton 2. Rosberg 3. Raikkonen 4. Bottas 5. Grosjean 6. Maldonado 7. Hulkenberg 8. Kvyat 9. Ricciardo 10. Perez 11. Sainz 12. Ericsson 13. Alonso 14. Nasr 15. Massa 16. Merhi 17. Stevens 18. *Vettel 19. *Verstappen 20. *Button

*Verstappen received a 5 place grid penalty for crashing into Grosjean in Monaco and also a 10 place grid penalty for using his fifth engine of the season.

*Button did not set a lap in qualifying and might start from the pit lane.

*Vettel got a 5 place grid drop for a red flag infraction during FP3.

Surprise, suprise. Qualifying was amazing with a Ferrari and a Williams out in Q1. Really. Sauber did a great job of re-building Felipe Nasr’s car! I was impressed by both Lotus and Force India cars, both in the top 10.

Canada is known for being hard on the brakes and little overtaking. What will Sebastian Vettel and Felipe Massa do from 18th and 15th. Who knows?

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